CTO Council Webinar Trainings

We hope everyone is safe and healthy! During these times when we have to conduct most of our work remotely, we have been developing a series of Lunch & Learn webinar trainings for you in addition to our regular events. The series will be FREE to all CTOs and their Team members. Please register for these events. They are free for all CTOs and Team members. Once you register, you will receive the Zoom link to login. The webinars will provide time to join in dialogue and interact with the presenters. Grab your lunch and join in the discussions to help prepare you for this challenging new year!


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  • September 25       11:30am - 12:30pm 
    Best Practices in Remote Learning

  • Watch the Best Practices in Remote Learning webinar here:

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  • October 2     11:30am – 12:30pm 
    Best Practices for Remote Work

Watch the Best Practices for Remote Work webinar here:

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  • October 9       11:30AM - 12:30pm
    CoSN Early Career Academy – Donna Williamson

Watch the webinar here: Passcode: vvsw7h^$


  • Oct. 16       11:30am - 12:30pm

COVID Tracking and Reporting

Watch the webinar here: Passcode: P&7HSi?H

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Leadership Development Training

Starting the Fall Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) and Texas Cybersecurity Framework (TCF) Cohort Group

The Texas K-12 CTO Council will start a Fall 2020 Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) and Texas Cybersecurity Framework (TCF) cohort group starting the first week in October 2020. The group will include an online weekly meeting with planned agendas, meeting notes and a status from each participating district. The study group will decide on a day and time of the week to conduct the meetings, once the cohort group members are identified. The proposed time is currently Wednesdays from 1:30 – 2:30p.m.

The cohort group will focus on the following activities.

• Increase and expand the understanding of data privacy and cybersecurity issues,

• Implement strong, measurable and membership available trusted learning practices to help ensure the privacy of student and employee data,

• Assess district’s TLE and TCF progress 

• Share TLE and TCF best practices within the cohort group.

To sign up for the Fall TLE cohort group, complete this form by Monday, August 31, 2020.

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Hosting Fall 2020 CETL Study Group

The Texas K-12 CTO Council is hosting a Fall 2020 study group for the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) program. The group will start in October. Members of the group will take a deep dive into the knowledge and skills outlined in the Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO, the foundation of the CETL Certification program. 

• The study group will meet in an online conference for 1 hour for 10 weeks, covering one skill area each week. 

• Each week, a member from the study group will facilitate a class, rotating through the group so the work of studying the materials is shared.

• The study group will decide on a day and time of the week to conduct the class, once the study group members are identified. We will strive to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Join your peers to learn about the body of knowledge required to be a successful CTO and work in a team with others to help prepare yourself for the exam! Whether you are a veteran technology leader or an aspiring CTO, this group will be a great professional learning experience.   

The study group is a benefit for being a member of the Texas K-12 CTO Council and is at no charge. You will need to purchase access to the online study materials from COSN here before the study group begins. 

Reserve your spot now! To sign up for the Fall October CETL study group, complete this form by Monday, August 31, 2020. Additional information about the CETL program is as follows.

CETL Program, Handbook and Eligibility

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Cybersecurity Planning Workshop (Virtual), September 16, 23, 30

The Texas K-12 CTO Council will be hosting another workshop for Cybersecurity Planning to help you and your team members understand the new laws around cybersecurity and get you started on your cybersecurity plan. The workshop will be held over three session on September 16, 23, and 30, from 12:30 - 2:30 pm. This will be a working session to provide you time to begin developing your plan and stay in compliance with the new legislation (SB 820 and HB 3834). We encourage you to sign up a team so you can work on these items together.

CTO Council member districts may attend for free and non-member districts will be charged $50 per person. Click on the link to register. You will receive notification with more details about the workshop. Register here.

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