Certified Educational Technology Leader

Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL®)

For K-12 education technology leaders, earning the CETL® certification will demonstrate to your staff, superintendent, and other stakeholders that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to define the vision for and successfully build 21st century learning environments in your school district.
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2017 Cohort:

  • David Carpenter, CETL
  • Donna Eurek, CETL
  • Seth Hansen, CETL
  • Rusty Ivey, CETL
  • Damon Jackson, CETL
  • David Koonce, CETL
  • Kari Murphy, CETL
  • Robert Pierce, CETL
  • Dev Shah, CETL
  • Michael Wallace, CETL

2016 Cohort:

  • Cindy Bingman, CETL
  • James Burger, CETL
  • Joe Christoffersen, CETL
  • Trey Eubanks, CETL
  • Greg Hubenak, CETL
  • Jamey Hynds, CETL
  • Kerry Rampelli, CETL
  • Ben Rice, CETL
  • Robyne Vaughn, CETL
  • Brenda White, CETL

2015 Cohort:

  • Matt Flood, CETL
  • Karen Fuller, CETL
  • Wes Hargrove, CETL
  • Charlie Jackson, CETL
  • Mark Maxwell, CETL
  • Jennifer Miller, CETL
  • Helen Mowers, CETL
  • Adam Patterson, CETL
  • Mignon Plyler, CETL
  • Venu Rao, CETL
  • Bradley Ricks,CETL
  • Tracie Simental, CETL
  • Ed Wilson, CETL

2014 Cohort:

  • Henry Blair, CETL
  • Chad Branum, CETL
  • Doug Brubaker, CETL
  • Charlyn Doyle, CETL
  • Terry Driscoll, CETL
  • Sandra Hayes, CETL
  • Thomas Holly, CETL
  • Joseph Jacks, CETL
  • Cary Owens, CETL
  • Laurie Vondersaar, CETL

2013 Cohort:

  • Dan Armstrong, CETL
  • Joe Barnett, CETL
  • Adam Feind, CETL
  • Jeffrey Harris, CETL
  • Frankie Jackson, CETL
  • Eric Jansson, CETL
  • William Lovelace, CETL
  • John Orbaugh, CETL
  • Alice Owen, CETL
  • Kevin Schwartz, CETL
  • Victor Valdez, CETL
  • Lewis Wynn, CETL

Find our how you can study and apply for this certification at: http://www.cosn.org/certification/