Classroom Connectivity update with Texas State Matching Fund

Details of the new Texas State Matching Fund are below. You can find out more news about the Classroom Connectivity initiative here.


Texas State Matching Fund:

  • Authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) though the Second E-rate Modernization Order
  • Appropriated by the 85th Texas State Legislature in June 2017
  • Provides $25 million of state funds for E-rate eligible Category 1 special construction costs
  • State matching funds reduce the local funding share for E-rate approved Category 1 special construction projects by providing a dollar-for-dollar match. Therefore, if Texas provides $25 million, the FCC will provide  $25 million.
  • LEAs with an E-rate discount of 80% to 90% can have their E-rate approved Category 1 special construction project fully funded.
  • LEAs with an E-rate discount rate less than 80% can receive an additional 20% of their approved project costs.
  • Available for the E-rate Funding Year 17 and Funding Year 18 cycles
  • More detailed information is available on our Texas State Match Fund FAQ and Texas State Match Fund Application Process page.